New Year, New..

Charlie Mackesy

New year, new me and all that jazz…

I usually hate all of the fuss around new year resolutions and changing yourselves. But this new year I am going along with it all.

To be honest, the last 3 weeks I’ve been struggling again. I know everyone has their good and bad days but i hate my anxiety controlling me. So therefore my resolution is new year, new me. Well in fact no not new me, just me, the old me, myself, to beat my anxiety again.

2020 was a tough year for everyone. Being a hermit crab myself meant lockdowns felt a bit like heaven. Yes they were tough, especially when the schools were closed. But majority of the time I used to hate going out. I would make every excuse up everytime I had to go out of the house, even for the simpliest of things like popping to my families houses. So not being allowed out apart from essentials did feel like heaven.

The end of 2020 was amazing with my business actually going somewhere! I was so busy with orders that even general housework had to be brushed to the side. Taking care of myself was bottom of the list and I was living off junk food takeaway, just out of quickness, easiness and for the energy. It also meant I had to leave wrapping until Christmas Eve which was a big deal for my anxiety. Then the rush of the big day was over and I’ve nothing to focus on my mind is on overload with the intrusive thoughts rushing in.

So my goals for 2021 are…

– To focus on the good things that are going to improve my mental health again
– Cut back on the junk food, chocolate and monster energy drinks
– Eat at least one decent meal a day
– To have time for myself away from the boys once a week
– Play more music
– Go for a walk once a week
– Focus on new business ideas
– To do more things as a family
– Keep up with my skincare routine
Spacemasks once a week (these are heaven! If you haven’t already definitely try them)

Here’s to a positive 2021.

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