Birthday wishlist

Four weeks until my birthday!!

It’s going to be an unusual birthday this year, although not as strange as those who had birthdays during lockdown! Ben has booked for us all to have a week in Butlins Skegness which I’m really looking forward to, although anxious of how things are going to be there after Covid. I’ve booked myself in with Ellicious for my eyebrows and eyelashes done on the day we leave.

We all know what it’s like, as you get older you’re harder to buy for so just normally end up with money. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it, but let’s admit it…it normally ends up being spent on bread or just disappears god knows where.

So this year I thought I’d make a wish list so family can choose between themselves instead of getting bread!

Also thought I’d share here incase anyone is looking for ideas for themselves or to buy for.

*some links are affiliate meaning I will receive a small commission when you purchase. Click on photos for links.


THE DREAM! To be able to drift off to sleep every night without tossing and turning for hours first. Someone buy me 100 of these!

Self heating eye masks that start working as soon as they’re opened, the heat latest for around 15 minutes apparently (I wouldn’t know as I fall asleep within minutes everytime I use one!)

Ikea dypsis

Bit of a random one for a birthday gift, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to buy for months and months, and it’s better than bread! To create calmness in a corner of our bedroom.

Tropic skincare discovery kit

By Heather Ness (@theimperfectlyperfectskin)

I’m absolutely fed up with my skin! After reading a lot of reviews on a different brand and eventually buying what I thought would help my skin I feel like it does nothing for a ridiculous price!

I’ve been wanting to try Tropic for so long but I absolutely hate spending money on myself.

One thing I love about Tropic is they give you a 30 day guarantee. So even though you’ve used the product, if your skin doesn’t agree with it you can return it.

I love the look of this little kit, perfect for trying out the products before buying the bigger bottles. Also perfect to take to Butlins (hint hint!)

*use Heather Ness as Ambassador at checkout

Tropic clear skies

By Heather Ness (@theimperfectlyperfectskin)

One personally recommended by Heather for my skin! Perfect for a double cleanse to feel fresh.

*use Heather Ness as Ambassador at checkout

Tropic face smooth

By Heather Ness (@theimperfectlyperfectskin)

I’ve just been stalking Heather’s profile and came across this beauty on her story highlights! An exfoliator for your face, on her videos I could hear it getting to work as she was rubbing it in and weirdly felt as if my skin was clearing haha! Definitely one I’d love to try to have a deep clean of my skin!

*use Heather Ness as Ambassador at checkout

Tropic serums and oils

By Heather Ness (@theimperfectlyperfectskin)

All of these sound so dreamy! I eventually want to try them all (minus the Elixir). Especially the sun drops, perfect to mix in with your daily moisturiser for a natural looking sun kissed glow. Then hopefully I won’t look like a milk bottle!

*use Heather Ness as Ambassador at checkout

Tropic gift voucher

By Heather Ness (@theimperfectlyperfectskin)

Heather has just started doing gift vouchers, which can only be bought from herself directly as this is something she has set up herself. There’s no minimum amount. Perfect if you’re unsure on what to buy someone or just want to gift a small amount towards a product.

She can also give you recommendations if someone you know already buys Tropic through her. She will know what products they use and roughly when they’ll need a top up.

The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

By Charlie Mackesy

Absolutely stunning drawings and quotes!

The motivational book of quotes

By Jenny Kellett

Starbucks hot chocolate powder

Why why why is it always coffee?! I don’t drink tea or coffee, never have never will. Everytime I’m in a shop I have a little look to see if Starbucks have brought out hot chocolate to make at home like they have with every single flavour of coffee! But still no luck. So if you want me to love you forever, then some Starbucks hot chocolate powder would be the way to my heart!

Personalised handwriting necklace

By Caitlyn Minimalist

Another something that’s been on my list for a long time. Back in the days before kids me and Ben used to leave little notes for each other. I have two in my purse which are starting to get a bit worn and fading now. I love how delicate this looks and a constant visible reminder.


*silver sterling

*keep smiling (from image below)

Keep smiling


I’ve had my River Island purse for years! And it’s finally giving way inside. I’ve struggled to find a purse I like. I was after something a bit smaller than I already have, but after coming across this blue beauty I love it. Even if it is the same size!

And that’s a wrap! Excuse the pun. Obviously I don’t expect to wake up to all of this as we’re going away for a week. As I said before, they’re just some ideas even if you’re shopping for someone yourself.

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