Kids in lockdown

*includes gifted print outs from Mrs Mactivity subscription

I thought I’d share a few products that have helped us during this crazy time of lockdown!

To be brutally honest…we’ve done very very little school work or school based activities. Anything and everything I suggest just gets a “no”. That and having a very demanding 1 year old has made it very difficult to stick to any routine of doing work. But I know he will catch up once they return to school.

*some links are affiliate meaning I will receive a small commission when you purchase. Click on photos for links.

Collins workbooks

George has enjoyed using these books rather than printed off work sheets. Although he does do a lot better writing when Ben is doing it with him (I think that just goes for everything though).

There are so many to choose from and at such reasonable prices (ranging from £1.49 to £2.99). As you can see I bought a variety of English and Maths workbooks as well as some being 3-5 years and others 5-7 years.

Collins flashcards

Another Collins purchase with so many uses. George had been learning the different phases of ‘tricky words’ which are included in this pack along with others. Perfect at getting them to read out loud, thinking of their own sentence using the word and also using the cards together to make up sentences.

BrainBox pictures

The best £10 I’ve ever spent on a game! Learning without even realising. This is by far one of Georges favourite games at the moment. They have 10 seconds (20 for younger ones) to look at the card then without looking there are questions to answer. I will be buying other BrainBox games for Christmas.

Little Brian paintsticks

The possibilities of fun are endless with these paintsticks! And amazing for a mum that used to hide the paint away as I used to hate getting it out, now these paintsticks are always out on Georges desk as they dry in less than 60 seconds! And any mess is easily wipeable.

We used them on our window for our lockdown rainbow which even after months of being left on came off with a few wipes. George and Roman have also loved creating and painting some pebbles and magnets for a keepsake of this unusual time.

They also do face paint sticks which are on the boys Christmas list!

Stabilo cappi

Always loosing the lids on felt tips? Then these are the ones to buy! We always use the cord to keep them all together which also makes them perfect for travelling.

Hope everyone is staying safe!

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