Newborn checklist


So I know most bloggers seem to do a newborn essentials list, but I couldn’t not do one. I love making lists and being organised! Even if my paperwork is currently an organised mess! Some items are linked to what we have previously bought and would highly recommend.


□ Hats

□ Vests

□ Sleepsuits

□ Cardigans

□ All in one coat

□ Socks

□ Scratch mitts

□ Bibs


□ Pushchair

Car seat

Changing bag

□ Changing mat

Thermal bottle bag

Tommee tippee travel warmer

□ Travel cot (if needed)


(Some will not be needed, depending upon bottle/breast feeding)


Bottle brush

Powder pots

Tommee tippee perfect prep machine

(Not needed but highly recommend)

Spare prep machine filter


□ Formula

□ Ready made milk (for the hospital)

Highchair as they get older (I like to be prepared)

Sleeping / Nursery

Moses basket & mattress

□ Moses basket sheets

□ Cot & mattress

□ Cot sheets

□ Sleeping bag


Baby monitor (recommend video)

□ Wardrobe

□ Draws

Coat hangers

Play time


Play gym

□ Rattles

Tummy time pillow

Snug seat (suitable from 3 months)


□ Changing mat (mama shack does some gorgeous prints)

□ Nappies different brands (Asda own brand has worked best for us with both boys)

□ Nappy bags

□ Wipes

□ Talc

Baby bathbath seat

□ Bubble bath

□ Towels

□ Flannels/sponges

Nail clippers/file

□ Thermometer (recommend digital ear ones)

Feel free to email me if you would like a printable copy